December 26th, 2008

Maedhroc Salute

A Bunch of STUFF

Happy Boxing Day! St. Stephen's Day! Friday! Hope yesterday was Holly Jolly for everyone. :) I had an enjoyable day, although Santa couldn't fit the "six week vacation" I really wanted for Christmas under the tree. I got some cool books and DVDs instead, though, so that's all right. :)

I'd like to tip my glass in respect for Eartha Kitt, who's gone to be fabulous in Heaven (although she wouldn't admit that was where she was going). I wonder if she ever figured out why she had that lever.

In other news, The Hunt for Gollum — a movie which may very well do for Lord of the Rings fan-films what New Voyages has done for Star Trek. No VFX so far, but some very nice cinematography and very convincing orcs.

Speaking of Middle-Earth, Collapse )

-The Gneech