January 21st, 2009


Speaking of Cons...

My AC room is booked. Gettin' pricey, these cons!

Not sure at this stage if I'll be doing the whole table routine or just grabbing a space in the artist alley; until I get some new merchandise in the works it doesn't seem right to be hawking the same old stuff. I'll have to discuss the topic w/ mammallamadevil at FC.

No Drama Zone


Buddha went into surgery today; it all went as expected and at last report he was fine. While I'm not particularly afraid for his safety, I do admit to being rather stressed about the whole thing. I've spent the past several days on edge and unable to concentrate for more than a few minutes on anything more taxing than staring into space. Unfortunately, I've got a project at work that's overdue and getting more overdue by the minute, which is not really getting anywhere because I find myself staring at the screen instead of working.

We wanted to wait on the surgery until after FC and after we'd put our finances back into slightly better shape. We've got savings to cover it all, but between the dryer, laurie_robey's computer, Christmas, and Buddha's medical problems, we're certainly feeling the pinch.

Tomorrow at oh-dark-thirty I fly out to California; I brought up the possibility of canceling my con appearance to stay home and help laurie_robey ministrate to Buddha's convalescence, but in the end we came to the conclusion that at this point canceling the con would probably cause more problems than it would solve, so I'm going to go.

-The Gneech