February 2nd, 2009

Keitaro Holy Crap

Personal Demons

I periodically personify things that plague me; those who were readers during the depths of my depression may remember that I turned it into a blubbery, rubbery demon named "Ol' Squishy" that rode around on my back like a big pile of goo, for instance.

Well, this cold has been bad enough to be named a personal demon, whom I call Hack. Hack was sent by whatever diabolical power it is who hates it whenever I start to be productive, who saw that I was getting a post-con bounce from FC and was determined to put a stop to it by any means necessary. Hack's main goal is to squander all of my leave time from work, forcing me to sleep 18 hours a day and then do little more than play puzzle games on the computer the rest of the time. He does this both to prevent me from being productive now, but also to force me to have to work extra hours in the upcoming weeks to earn comp time, thus preventing me from being productive when he's gone.

He's not a particularly powerful demon, but he makes the most of what abilities he's got.

There's not a lot I can do about Hack; Ol' Squishy I could defeat using my intellect, keeping good company, and getting intense bouts of exercise. The only thing to be done about Hack is to endure. Today I feel well enough to actually work from home (as opposed to, y'know, sleep from home), so hopefully I've stopped burning vacation hours now while I've still got -30. *cry* At the rate of just over 7 hours accrued every 2 weeks, I'll get back up to zero sometime around the end of March. Cripes. If I am very disciplined about it (and don't get sick again), I should be all right in time for AC, and I can work o/t to build up comp time if needed in the meantime. But Hack has certainly done a number on my next several months' flexibility.

-The Gneech
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Sketch-A-Day: Baloo [artwork]

Working on that whole "learning to draw" thing. Since I'm not doing strips every day, but I do need to practice every day (or as close to it as I can manage), I've decided to start a "sketch-a-day" for a while. The sketches will be whatever comes to me on a given day, whether it's life drawing, SJ characters, perspective, copies of other works, whatever. And I'll post the sketches here to keep me honest. :)

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