February 8th, 2009

Torey Rave

Sketch-A-Day: Panera [artwork]

Today was entirely too nice, so we walked up to a nearby shopping center for lunch. While sitting outside, sipping my post-prandial venti no-whip mocha frappuccino, I decided to sketch the local Franjipani Panera. :)

Collapse )

Today's lesson learned: 2F pencils are extremely soft, meaning they get dull fast and smoodge all over your artwork.

-The Gneech
Alex Spaz

I Like to Move It, Move It!

Finally saw Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa. Much fun silliness. :) (I mean c'mon, it's about a dancing lion. The only way it could push more of my fandom buttons is if he wore hoplite armor and teamed up with the Furious Five to fight orcs.) I'll be interested to see this Penguins spin-off series.

Also, except for a tiny bit of lingering congestion in unusual parts of my skull, I am finally recovered from both Hack and Hack Jr. My vacation time from work has been pummeled into a damp yellow spray, but I guess it's like they say, you need to take your vacation before it takes you. Or something like that. (And man oh man, did I ever need a vacation.)

But what a week (and weekend) it's been for productivity! I've got about 20% of the Carpe Diem six-pager done, I outlined NeverNever to the conclusion of Book II, I've almost finished outlining Suburban Jungle to the end of Book V, and I've done a sketch every day. Assuming I continue at this pace, I fully expect Suburban Jungle to start running strips again before the end of February; I'm not sure exactly when NeverNever will start running strips again, but that's definitely coming as well.

Finally, laurie_robey is rapidly recovering from her own bug, and Buddha is completely recovered from his surgery and back to being the purring little loveball who steals the hearts of every veterinarian in the county. So all in all, brothers and sisters, life is good. Life is very good. :)

Sleep well, everybody, and have an awesome tomorrow!

-The Gneech