February 11th, 2009

Kero Power Tie

Writer's Block: Down on Memory Lane

What is your earliest childhood memory?

The earliest ones I can verify as being early are of things relating to the horse my mom owned during my first year of life. The horse was a thoroughbred named Zeppa, who had her own stable and paddock on the property. I only have a few memories of her, mostly that she was a dark chestnut color, incredibly tall, and of course had that distinctive horse smell. (The smell of a well-kept stable, while certainly pungent, doesn't really stink. It's more of an earthy smell.) I also remember riding in the car over to Southern States in Vienna (on 123; there's a bank there now IIRC) to pick up bales of hay.

After a year, my parents decided they couldn't afford to keep both a baby and a horse; much to my surprise they sold the horse. I'm still not sure they made the right choice. But that fact firmly places all my Zeppa-related memories in late 1969 or early- to mid-1970, making them my earliest childhood memories.

-The Gneech
Kero class

Off to Her Shift at the Skankworks?

For reasons not really worth delving into here, I'm home this afternoon and I was out in the yard cleaning out the car a bit. Suddenly I notice walking up our pleasant little suburban street, crossing over to my side, a gal who is about four hours early to be a lady of the evening. Every cliché in the book! Booty-call short-shorts with heart-shaped bling on the back pockets, fishets, halter top, electric fuschia hair, go-go boots. It was like she was dressed up as a hooker for Halloween. 0.o

She casually vamped on by, causing me to suppress a snort, and kept on up the street, occasionally doing the "Give a girl a lift, sailor?" look over her shoulder in my direction, which caused me to suppress more snorts. I couldn't help it! She just looked incredibly silly.

I dunno, I may be maligning the poor girl. It's possible she was genuinely flirting and just has really bad fashion sense, but it's hard to imagine that being the case. Either way it was a highly unexpected encounter to take place in my front yard at 2:00 on a Wednesday afternoon.

-The Gneech