February 23rd, 2009

No Drama Zone

"You're Not My Real Brother!"

So far, Buddha has enthusiastically greeted Dasher — and by enthusiastically, I mean he's enthusiastic about wanting to rip Dasher's head off. :( We have Dasher sequestered in the guest room, and Buddha spends most of his time sitting just outside the guest room door, staring at it in the hopes of burning it down with his laser vision. He's off his food, off his game, and totally discombobulated.

Dasher, for his part, occasionally goes, "Oh, is there another cat in here? HEY! A trash can to sniff!" but otherwise seems totally unaware of Buddha's presence. He's a much more energetic cat than Buddha, almost to the point of being high-strung, very chatty and LOOOOOVES his pettins. Loves loves LOOOOOOOVES his pettins! Ack! Too much pettins! *bite!* This tendency to get himself worked up into a frenzy is a habit we're going to have to disabuse him of — assuming he can even stay in the house at all.

Buddha has dibs, you see, and if it turns out that he just can't stand having another cat in the house, we'll have to find another home for Dasher. It should be easy; Dasher is one of the most aggressively friendly cats you'll ever meet, and while being FIV+ means he needs a little bit of extra care, it doesn't mean he's some kind of Death Scene From Camille cat who's going to steal your heart and then die on you.

However, Dasher's only been in the house for 48 hours and the two of them have not actually directly interacted yet except for Buddha having a hissing fit through a crack in the door, so we still don't know yet what the final result will be. We're going to keep trying for at least a week or two.

-The Gneech

Life of a Bounder, Part V

Only three more and we’ll be caught up!

December 26, 2008
Maedhroc and Gandalf at the Prancing Pony

Nobody who grew up in the Shire hasn’t heard of this guy. When Maedhroc was a bounder, he was actually tasked with keeping an eye on “that dangerous old fool,” although they only spoke once and Gandalf didn’t seem to remember him.

Maedhroc meets Radagast

Speaking of dangerous old fools, it appears to be Wizard Week for Maedhroc. Let’s just hope he doesn’t meet Saruman next.

-The Gneech

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