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March 6th, 2009

Morning Roundup

It was one of those days that's just full of STUFF...

From seankreynolds: Mickey Busts a Move!
Mickey Mouse got moves!

From plonq: Fight the Dow Chemical Company!

...and The Mother of All Funk Chords

-The Gneech

Cat Bonding ... Not Happening So Far.

Two weeks in, and Buddha's priority is still to bring Dasher's life to a short and violent end. It isn't just a matter of "they can't get along," it's "Buddha actively plots for chances to tear Dasher's throat out." We've tried mingling their scents, holding them separated-but-near-each-other and giving them treats for peaceable behavior, and so forth, without much success. If Dasher is accessible, and Buddha is not physically restrained, Buddha attacks.

Another matter is that the presence of two cats is straining the Zyrtec; my allergies are making their presence known as a rumbling threat in the background, as opposed to being completely at bay. What they'll be like in hay fever season, I cringe to guess at.

So, although we haven't officially decided, it's beginning to look more like we're going to have to find an alternative home for Dasher. It's too bad, because he is a very sweet cat and if we could just turn off Buddha's hate switch they'd probably make great buddies. But it's very clear that Buddha doesn't want a buddy. He wants his people and only his people, and any other cats that try to horn in do so at peril for their lives.

-The Gneech

Time to Flip Out Like a Ninja!

This has bauske written all over it.

Stolen from pinkdino, who may or may not have been through with it.

-The Gneech

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