March 12th, 2009


Narnagol Defeated!

Big thanks to my kin-mates who made a point of being available at the designated time, and to everyone who came along or offered to. I’m so glad to have this off my to-do list — Evendim is DONE until Book 11 for me now. :)

Great googily-moogily but that fight is insane, and the entire quest seems to have been written by somebody who hates the players. It’s most visible in the dialog of Blue Elf-Chick, who demands you “respect” her while she treats you like dirt, then berates you for waking Narnagol when the quest WON’T LET YOU GET THE STONE ANY OTHER WAY.

Gah. Annoying quest, that is. Being present at the forging of Anduril afterwards made up for it and was very cool, tho, so I won’t complain too much. And at least now I can say that I’ve done it … and look forward to helping out other folks who were just as stuck on it as me in the future. :)

-The Gneech

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Legolas Nah

Whither the Elf Champion? (Wither the Elf Champion?)

Alas, poor Galadhalion, my former main in LotRO ... ever since I really got into playing Maedhroc, I just haven't wanted to go back. However, at the urging of one of my kinmates I have been sending him along on some of the higher raids and just sort of poking around with him generally, and I think I can see where at least some of his problems lay, and he needs a serious retooling in a lot of regards.

Unfortunately, I've become so used to the Warden, that to play Galadhalion I'll have to re-learn the Champion almost from scratch. Probably not a bad thing, as he's got such a flawed build, but definitely a time investment that I'm loathe to take on while I'm still trucking along so nicely with Maedhroc. I suspect that by the time I had Galadhalion running up to par, I could have Maedhroc running the Rift himself.

Then, there are those new lowbies I'm so eager to try out when Book 7 finally hits.

Gah! Stoopid game, keeps making me want to play it!

-The Gneech
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