March 23rd, 2009

Kero asleep


I need to have been in bed two hours ago. But it's very difficult to get up out of my chair.

I feel like writing about stuff, but honestly can't think of anything interesting to say ... which is kinda rare for me. Usually if I'm aware I have nothing to say, I keep my mouth (er, fingers?) shut.

Oh well, blathery post is blathery.

Good night, world. Have an awesome tomorrow.

-The Gneech
Boromir battle

My Wicked Game-Designery Ways

Hey, I'm on "the front page" of Kobold Quarterly today! :) I was approached and asked to put together something for their "Monday Monster" feature, and came up with the Grimdaw (a.k.a. Ghoul Crow). I did the game mechanics and illustration, whereas Richard wrote most of the flavor text.

My first "game-material writing for publication" since West End Games went under. :) Enjoy!

-The Gneech

Have I Mentioned I Love My Warden?

This weekend was the first real test — could Maedhroc succeed where Galadhalion failed? And the answer was not just “yes,” but “#@%% YEAH!!!”

Specifically the “Goblin Fire” quests near Goblin-Town. You’re tasked with making your way into the goblin encampment, stealing five goblin-fire pots, coming up with a brew to sabotage them, then going in and blasting the camp to kingdom-come. However, this goblin camp is not what you’d call “sparsely populated.” In fact, there are goblins everywhere, not just standing in regular posts, but wandering all over the place. If you attack one, you’ll end up fighting five every time — the one you attack, the two that are in aggro range of that one, and the two that come wandering up to the fight 3/4 of the way through. Nevertheless, this is listed as a level 45 solo quest.

Uh huh.

Galadhalion couldn’t do it. He was defeated time and again, but every time he’d start to get anywhere near the fire-pots, he’d be swarmed with goblins and go down hard. He tried it at 45. He tried it at 46. He tried it at 47, 48, and 49. He tried it at 50. Same result every time, the only difference being that the repair bills got larger as his gear got more expensive. He did finally manage to do it at level 52, duoing it with a burglar, I think it was. (Been a long time.)

So last night Maedhroc, at level 46, decided to give it a go. It took care and effort — timing his pulls, watching for patrols and working out when it was safe to move — but he got all the way in, picked up the requisite fire-pots, and got all the way back out again, without a single defeat. He only had to flee once, and that was from a bad pull (”Curse you, tab key!”) — and even that was just running to a pre-discovered “safe spot” until the goblins chasing him gave up on it.

Same player, same strategies — the difference is all in the class. I’m willing to concede that I may just suck at playing champions; but since I’ve been playing Maedhroc, every other class seems painful. With the warden, I finally feel like I have a realistic shot at doing on-level content without getting wiped over and over again hoping for a lucky roll of the dice.

Warden FTW. :)

-The Gneech

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