March 31st, 2009

Kero shouting

Ow, Mah Teefs!

Okay, root canal #2 of 2 is done. Now I just get to go back and have crowns applied as necessary. Unfortunately, my insurance is tapped out and so now it's all out-of-pocket.

Took the afternoon off to recover a bit, and had a Bad Dice Day on LotRO. Maedhroc's not used to being defeated at all, much less three times in rapid succession by things that should be no trouble. For some reason, the game just wasn't responsive — activate a skill, there'd be a good 5-10 second pause while Maedhroc stood there and did nothing, then finally executed it. In a game where one of the primary measures of combat effectiveness is "Damage Per Second," you can readily imagine how that's a problem.

Interestingly enough, they rebooted the server at 4:00. Not sure if that's related.

Anyway, now I'm off to pick up laurie_robey. So, catcha later!