May 4th, 2009

Shaoran Action

Zen Weekend

i.e., a weekend of deliberate nothingness. Aaaoooummm...

Actually, it's not accurate to say that I didn't do anything this weekend, because I did, but it all came squarely under the heading of "goofing off." Most of Saturday was spent prepping for Uncanny Midnight Tales on Saturday night, then I pulled a very rare all-nighter on LotRO, only to be followed up by a mostly-all-dayer on LotRO Sunday. In short, I was a slacker.

But, I harbor no regrets! After all the stressy-crunch-run-around of the last several weeks, an entire weekend spent telling the real world to bugger off was just what the doctor ordered. Of course, that means today's Suburban Jungle is still sitting unfinished on the drawing table, there's a huge stack of laundry, and all that jazz, but those are the eggs I couldn't make the omelet without breaking. And while it would not be entirely accurate to say that I'm now pumped up and rarin' to go, I am at least perked up and ready to chug along.

-The Gneech, mangler of metaphors
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"Why No, Officer, I Have No Idea Who Eviscerated Him..."

We had session two of Uncanny Midnight Tales Saturday night. hantamouse couldn't attend, currently being in Kansas, but sirfox brought along guest-players Efrain and Sam, who took on the roles of Boris the Chauffeur and Countess Zolna, respectively, with both providing something vaguely-resembling Slavic accents for the occasion.

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They stopped briefly at Elizabeth's apartment to develop her film; inconclusive pictures of the walking corpse-things notwithstanding, the ghoul photo was the one really strong piece of photographic evidence. They took that to Ethan's house and showed it to the rest of the group, who were suitably disturbed, and the session ended there, with the party desperately trying to figure out what the heck to do next.

-The Gneech

PS: Handouts from this session (intro, DuPont Family Spellbook) should be up at the website later tonight.