July 27th, 2009

Alex Spaz

Lots of STUFF!

Stuff 1

When did Firefox start sucking? This is bad. Even with the most uber-recent update (as of this morning), it's sluggish and has a tendency to act confused. "Oh wait, you wanted to CLICK that? I thought you just wanted to stare at it and push the mouse button." Don't s'pose it's a conspiracy by Google and Micro$oft, do you?

Stuff 2

I feel good today! :D Got a haircut and a few chores done over the weekend but was otherwise remarkably unproductive. laurie_robey and I both found ourselves compelled to nap repeatedly and insistently, but speaking only for myself, it seems to have been just what the doctor ordered. I'm positively perky today, at least by comparison, and hope to have a kickass week.

Stuff 3

Saw "The Next Doctor" and "Planet of the Dead" over the weekend; enjoyed them both, although I enjoyed "Next Doctor" a bit more. Neither one was exactly a huge moment in Doctor Who history, but they were fun enough adventures. "Waters of Mars" looks like a pretty bog-standard "zombies on a base" episode, tho, which I've gotten pretty tired of. I'm glad Doctor Who is trucking along, but it's definitely starting to need an infusion of new ideas.

Stuff 4

One more week of sketches on Tuesday and Thursday for SJ I'm afraid, but as I'm actively clearing out the backlog of stuff that's built up while I was sick, this won't last forever. I have at least tried to keep the sketches interested in and of themselves rather than being "just filler."

-The Gneech
Rastan Kill Monsters


I've finally decided what to do re: a fantasy campaign; I vacillated a lot about various different options and it's taken me some time to finally come to a conclusion that I like. And, much to my surprise, it's turned out to be "Stick mostly with third edition D&D, with some house rules."

Basically, I'm going to bring in a few of the Saga Edition changes that make the GM's life easier, but they're just going to be superimposed onto the existing 3.5 framework. Trying to retool every class, skill, spell, and feat isn't worth the effort, but I'm going to make some "high level" changes right off the bat, and then make rulings on individual items as they come up.

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There are more sort of "behind the curtain" changes I will make, and there will probably be other house rules besides these that I haven't finalized, so if my players have any requests/suggestions, now is the time.

-The Gneech