August 2nd, 2009

Rastan Kill Monsters

Attack of the Kneebiter Brigade

In the kingdom of Anndulir, at the foot of the mountain known as Laguder's Crown, there were three halflings, a dwarf, and a human druid with antlers on his head. This is their story!

In other words, Collapse )

We called it a night there, figuring that character generation and the first big fight was a good start. We'll see how it goes from here ... the lack of a party leader and/or spokesman (the highest Cha PC in the group is 11, and that's the surly halfling rogue), and the imminent problem of "why would these people stay together once they finish this job" is going to need addressing. What do you do with a group where everybody wants to play a support character? :D

-The Gneech

[1] Fortunately, they don't have to cut the tree down with a herring to get it.

[2] They're okay. They sleep all night and they work all day.

[3] After a bit of advice from Vin, that don't you know, you never split the party.

[4] Yes, it finally happened, somebody attacked the darkness. And the darkness was slain!