August 31st, 2009

Keitaro Holy Crap

Alas, Poor Dasher

This poor cat needs a good home. For all his noise and biteyness, he's actually a sweetheart who just wants to play and get some lovin'. Spending his days shut up in the guest room to keep the house from exploding into claws and yowls is not fair to such a socially-oriented kitty. This morning he literally wrapped himself around my leg and begged me (by means of pitiful mewing) not to leave him alone in his room. My heart goes out to the little guy, but I have to go to work to keep him in kibble, and Buddha isn't exactly going to provide him with good company.

-The Gneech
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Mistakes Were Made: Second Wind

In re: our 4E session on Saturday, as we're all learning the system, I was looking over some of the various rule uses and so forth that came up. Something that I noticed was our use of Second Wind, which obviously had been colored by our use of Saga Edition.

Specifically, in 4E, you don't have to be bloodied to take your Second Wind. You can do it any time (once per encounter), you could even do it right off the bat before a blow landed on you, if you wanted. Doing that would waste a healing surge and not give you any hit points, so it's kind of pointless, but it could be a viable tactic if you were really desperate for +2 AC for a turn, I suppose. We were working on the assumption that you did have to, because that's the way it is in Saga.

Something that struck me as peculiar, is that laurie_robey's paladin, the party tank, had way more healing surges than anybody else, but she was also the one who used them the least, as she had AC 22 and none of the enemies could hit her. In fact, she used more of them to heal other people (via "lay on hands") than she did on herself. Obviously, in a "big boss" fight, when she's got the dragon marked and he's chewing on her the whole combat, those healing surges will be sorely needed ... but against most of what we fought on Saturday, her AC kept her mostly wound-free.

I think I may port the "per encounter" nature of Second Wind over to my Saga Edition games, especially Star Wars. The characters in that game rarely get to rest 8 hours before "going back in," and they go through a lot of medpacs.

-The Gneech

PS: My wish for a 3.5 Warlord may have been answered!
Kero asleep


Tired. Work has not shut up lately. Many things are much better there than they used to be, but it still wears me out to have to go to the place all the ding-dang time. I was not cut out to have a job. Hooray, Dragon*Con starts Thursday. Boo, I have to go back to work as soon as it's over.

The weather was beautiful today. If summer was like this more often, I wouldn't get seasonal affective disorder. Doesn't make me any less tired, but at least I'm tired and comfortable.

Gaming is eating my brain. I think that's related to the job (and everything else my brain wants to get away from). I keep being torn from one idea to the next, not happy with any of them, but more interested in all of them than I am in anything else.

I need to go to bed. But that requires standing up, and I really don't want to do that right now.

Being a sociable introvert is weird. I do get lonesome, almost everyone does. But then actually being around people wears me out. I was feeling distinctly grouchy online tonight (although I managed to keep from taking it out on anybody else, mainly by keeping my mouth shut unless absolutely necessary), but I still joined a 12-person raid in LotRO.

After all that sympathy I had for Dasher this morning, he was a brat all evening. There's a lesson to be found there somewhere, but I don't know what it is.

There's more percolating inside my brain, but most of it is inconsequential and none of it is very coherent. I guess I'll force myself to stand up and go to bed.

G'nite everybody. Let's hope sleep will fix it.

-The Gneech
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