September 11th, 2009

Boot to the Head


It must be terrible to be a MicroSoft engineer and keep getting memos that say things like "Windows Media Player needs to suck more. Get on it!" every six months.

-The Gneech ("Yeah, I'm going to need you to make Word suck some more, too.")
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    working Wow, WMP sucks again!
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Me Barbarian

Looks Like I'm Running 4E Sooner Than I Thought, tomorrow. hantamouse can't make it to the session, so we're going to start my game without him and introduce his character later. Otherwise, sirfox would be continuing with his.

For those who are curious, the background for the game is here:

Strangely enough, it allows for tieflings, but not dragonborn. Go fig! But it makes sense in context. And for the record, Zan-Xadar is pronounced "zank-SHODDer". ;P

Be warned, there may just be a giant enemy crab.

-The Gneech