September 21st, 2009

Classic Style

Dapper Gents Do It With Style

Friday is payday, and along with that comes the season's sartorial shopping spree. Casual Male has sent me a ton of coupons and store gift certs, apparently hurting for business, so that will be my first stop. Other usual suspects include the JC Penney Big and Tall catalog and maybe a side-trip to Joseph A. Bank, although they're not likely to have much I can wear beyond socks or possibly a tie. ("I'm sorry sir, you aren't a tiny little wisp of a man, so you must go to our related store Austin Big and Tall, even though all they carry is golf clothes for André the Giant.")

I have started to look with serious intent at the possibility of finding a tailor. Not that I want to go "all bespoke, all the time," but there are certain pieces that I want that just aren't mass-produced in my size, assuming they're mass-produced at all. mammallamadevil has corralled her mum into trying her hand at a vest or two for me, which is much appreciated, but tailoring is something that's notoriously tricky to do from the far side of the country. I really should find a local for this task.

While laurie_robey and I were taking our morning constitutional around the building today, I happened to spot a guy on the far side of the parking lot wearing a long-sleeved white dress shirt and a knit sweater-vest. Argh! Envy. If I was wearing that today, I'd be lying dead in a pool of my own perspiration. As it is, I've got on a short-sleeved shirt, have a fan blowing on me, and I'm still uncomfortably warm.

I wonder if there's some way to reset your internal thermometer the way light treatment resets your internal clock? I want to be one of those people who's always saying "Ohmygawd it's FREEZING in here!" so I can dress properly and not die from it.

-The Gneech