October 7th, 2009

Obi-Wan Not Good

Suddenly, I Want to Run My Star Wars Game

Alas, there's no way I'll have prep done by this weekend. But one of the three pieces of the upcoming scenario (specifically, sirfox's solo mission) firmed up a bit in my head last night and I think it will be a nifty change-of-pace.

In the realm of house rules, I'm thinking about squidging 4E and Saga Edition a little closer to each other, because aside from character creation, they're very similar — or should I say, just different enough to make it a pain to remember which is which. Specifically, here are changes I'm considering:

Diagonal Movement: In 3.x, it's 1.5 squares; in Saga Edition, it's 2 squares; in 4E it's 1/1. MAKE UP YOUR MIND, GUYS! Sheesh. Right now I'm leaning towards going 1/1 for all. Honestly, if they'd just switch to a proper hex grid it wouldn't be a problem, but they're never going to to do that, so we'll just have to put up with square explosions.

Second Wind: I like this being usable once per encounter, instead of once per day. Star Wars particularly has a lack of healing options, which makes for parties of battered heroes running from encounter to encounter. In the movies at least, the heroes stay relatively whole until the very last moment, at which point they get a limb lopped off. So having Second Wind freely available makes sense. I haven't decided about the "below half hit points" requirement or the +2 to defense scores.

"Shift" (a.k.a. 5' Step): I don't know why they pulled this out of Saga only to turn around and put it right back into 4E. I'm puttin' it back in to Saga.

laurie_robey, hantamouse, jamesbarrett, sirfox, what do you think?

-The Gneech
Rastan Kill Monsters

Dungeon Tile ♥

At ~$10 a set, Dungeon Tiles are some of the best value for money in the gaming hobby. I've dipped my toe into the world of tiles before, most recently with the Star Wars equivalent set, "Galaxy Tiles," and various maps from the miniatures. But recently I went on a tile-acquiring binge, and the main bulk (a from Paizo) arrived today. So now I have:

  • Galaxy Tiles (x2)

  • Arcane Towers

  • Fane of the Forgotten Gods

  • Caves of Carnage

  • Dire Tombs (x2)

Of the D&D sets, "Dire Tombs" is by far the best, but it's also one of the older sets and so harder to find. Unfortunately, they only released the one set of "Galaxy Tiles" and show no signs of releasing more any time soon, but I have enough maps from the miniatures game and the old West End game (not to mention scenery bits from the old Micro Collection and other sources) that I can probably make do for most purposes. Besides, being space opera, Star Wars is just as likely to use fantasy tiles as it is deckplates.

I figure this splurge will give me a nice core to work from. I'll probably pick up new sets one at a time as they come out in the future (like I say, value for money). The next challenge is going to be storing them...


-The Gneech