December 1st, 2009

Kero Bluestreak


Nissan Murano, within a certain range of VIN numbers, has a little problem where crossed circuitry causes the computer to think you're holding down the "unlock" button on the keyfob.

What does the keyfob do when you hold down the "unlock" button? It rolls down both front windows.

Net result: at 2 a.m., when condensation starts to form, the circuits go "bzzt" and your front windows go down.

Kind of a disturbing surprise to come out to the next morning. So far we've been lucky that it hasn't happened when it was pouring rain. But it's just a matter of time.

Le sigh! To the nearest Nissan dealer we go.

-The Gneech
Alex Spaz

Busy Gneech Is Busy

Downtown getting up to speed on the various improvements made to ColdFusion since I first learned it back in 2003. While I always like learning new things, I'm less than happy with the commute required to get to and from DuPont Circle from home. And once we get here, although there are breaks, it's pretty much Full Speed Ahead covering the course material, so I don't have much time or attention span to turn to side issues, including the fact that my new car randomly rolls down its own windows, work won't stop e-mailing with stupid stuff that they should all know how to do themselves ('cause I've told them how often enough), and that on the whole I'd rather be writing. In fact, I wanted to do some writing last night but thanks to traffic we didn't get home until 7:00, and once home we had to deal with dinner and work stuff, and by the time that was all done I had been eaten by a computer game instead.

I've warned my job before about this recurring desire to take over my life: I'll not tolerate it. My job has two functions: 1) pay my expenses, and 2) stay out of my way. Right now it's just covering #1 and failing miserably at #2. I shall have to have strong words with it, and if that fails, I shall be forced to sterner discipline. I have a bamboo stick already picked out.

-The Gneech