December 21st, 2009


Well Ain't That a NDA-Protected Kick In the Head!

*redacted* announced over the weekend that they would be *redacted*, meaning that I have about six months to *redacted* and *redacted*. As if I didn't have enough to contend with!

Oh well, I had in mind to *redacted* anyway, so this will give me the opportunity to *redacted* the *redacted* from the ground up anyway. But that means I have to find a *redacted*, which I'm not looking forward to.

-The Gneech
Conan Civilization Sucks

Cheapie Toys Have Failed Me!

Alas! The cheapie psuedohistorical toys I found will not suffice for giants. They had some Powhatan Indians (now that's specific!) that might have worked for hill giants, except they weren't large enough, being barely 1.25" tall themselves; they also had knights and pirates ... but no vikings. How can you have cheapie pseudohistorical toys without having vikings? Scandalous.

So I bought a boatload of prepainted plastics from WotC in the after-market. I managed to get a couple of good deals via Troll and Toad and eBay. And I'm going to keep looking for those vikings ... they've gotta be out there somewhere!

-The Gneech