December 31st, 2009

Kero asleep

2009, The Year of ... Something Or Other

There are a lot of folks posting memories/reflections of the past year. I'm afraid that for the most part, I can't do that, because I spent the whole dang year zooming along at full tilt and so I missed it. I'm sure that stuff must have happened, but danged if I can remember what it was, or whether I'm thinking of stuff that happened in 2008. Anything that's not "earlier today" or "yesterday" is "a while ago," and that includes pretty much everything since 2007 or so. Before 2007 counts as "a couple of years ago" and could go back as far as 2002.

I know that Suburban Jungle ended and I'm pretty confident that was this past year, but I wouldn't swear to it, it was so long ago. I remember seeing Star Trek and not being terribly impressed, trying Dungeons & Dragons 4E and also not being terribly impressed, and seeing Speed Racer and loving it, although I'm not quite as confident that it happened this past year. It was certainly all in the same time frame.

I wonder if this is what Alzheimer's is like?

Hmm ... Obama took office at the beginning of this year, right? I feel like I should have more to say about that, but I don't. Historical significance aside, he's a pretty forgettable President so far, but actually I prefer them that way. Calvin Coolidge, 12 more years!

Balloon Boy happened this year, right? Like, around Halloween? I remember that because I wrote a Fictionlet about it.


What was I saying?

-The Gneech