January 10th, 2010

Boot to the Head

I Ain't Got the Patience For This Stuff No More

Y'know, back in 1994, I could sit around puzzling through jargon, banging my head against undocumented software, and generally jumping through hoops to do stuff that should have been easy just to set up a bloody webpage.

I haven't got the patience for it any more.

There's no reason why, In 2010, I shouldn't be able to just click two or three buttons and have a decent web option.


-The Gneech
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Six Million Dollar Man

Well, It Took Some Doing...

But NeverNever is now up at a new host with an out-of-the-box ComicPress theme that badly needs tweaking. There's no ancillary stuff (like a cast page, that kind of thing) yet, but all the strips are up and I've got a "working model" going. Next step is to make it actually look better than a bare slate-gray wall, not to mention going back and adding stuff like tags, which I'll probably end up doing in batches over time.

It's a start, anyhow. :) And once I get the rest of it worked out, it's on to doing the same with Suburban Jungle.