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January 29th, 2010

Crud Level Reduced to "Intermittent"

The sore throat has mostly dissipated and my overall energy level has come back up to something closer to my usual levels. Alas, it didn't provide me with any excuses not to go to work.

In other news, I put together a timeline/milestones list of projects I need to accomplish between now and AnthroCon ... and it's a bit intimidating. But, if I can pull it off, I'll have a table of all-new stuff at AC and there will be much awesomeness. My creative career has been somewhat on autopilot the past few years, and it's time to kick it back into action! *boot*

-The Gneech


Today's TOTALLY UNDERRATED THING is the 1980 Robert Altman film Popeye, starring Robin Williams and Shelley Duvall. This is a totally awesome movie that roundly got the bird because the general audiences totally didn't get it. Knowing Popeye primarily from the awful Paramount cartoons, or possibly from the not-awful-but-still-largely-wrong Fliescher bros. cartoons, the moviegoing public wasn't prepared to be confronted with an almost-perfect adaptation of the Thimble Theatre comic strip, from whence Popeye and the gang originated.

Also, Ray Walston as Poopdeck Pappy was brilliant.

-The Gneech

Too--! Many--! Thoughts--!

Brain--! Spinning--! Talking--! Like--! Bad--! Shatner--! Parody--!


Okay, that's better. Seriously, tho, that's one major downside of doing things like going to cons, is that I get all fired up and have all sorts of ideas, leads, things I want to do, and directions I want to go, but then the reality of the job kicks in and I have to sit here, forcing myself to program webpages, every limb twitching and several of my brain cells burning themselves out wanting to DO something on my projects.

On a good day, this is followed by me going home and working my brain to the bone until I can force myself to go to bed.

On a bad day, this is followed by doing pretty much anything else, including stuff like "laundry" or "playing LotRO." In fact, if I could I'd avoid the "going to bed" part on a good day, too. Because there's SO MUCH I WANT TO DO! And SO LITTLE TIME I HAVE TO ALLOCATE TO ANY OF IT!

Seriously, why is so little of my life actually my own? I need to work on that.

-The Gneech

Weekend! Dancin' Time!

If you liked "Move Your Dead Bones," try this on for size!

Or if you'd rather have the original in Flash, go here. But that wasn't embeddable in any way I could figure out.

-The Gneech


Workin' On the SJ Collection...

...and part of me wants very badly to go back and re-draw everything done before 2006 or so.

I'm not going to, 'cause it'd never get done, but man oh man, is it tempting!

-The Gneech

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