February 4th, 2010


Doing Science and I'm Still Alive

Well, I'm not myself personally doing science, but I build webpages for NIH and similar places that do occasionally do science, so that counts.

Doc yesterday prescribed some antibiotics to get rid of the bug and an inhaler to get my bronchial passages to chill out, and I'm certainly better today than I have been most of the week. Which means I get to go back to work! Um, yay? Oh well, gotta keep Buddha in kibble, right?

In other news, I should like to register a formal complaint against software that updates too often, especially without an autoinstaller. Winamp, I'm looking at you, here. "Version 115.9.11293871987123! Now with improved decimal increment!" Bah. You need iteration discipline, people!

Also, in response to rigelkitty, who posted "More snow! More snow!" the other day...

↑ Canada is that way! Hope you like bacon. ;P

-The Gneech

How Can I Be Out of Tags?

There are only 1,555 Suburban Jungle strips. How can that fill up the tags database?!

This is after I've cut back to almost nothing but character appearance tags, too. Pfui!

Of course, the irony is, the more strips there are, the more badly tags are needed.

-The Gneech