February 9th, 2010

Maedhroc Salute

Fake Gaming (i.e., MMO)

Well, it wasn't quite what I was itching for, but it was fun anyway. Galadhalion finally managed to get past 2.5.5, known in LotRO as "the quest that wouldn't die".

Unfortunately, in order to start doing those Dol Gildur skirmishes, he has to go back and do all those Moria book quests he skipped, which means that 2.6.3 (I think it is ... whichever one is in the Hall of Mirrors) is going to be sitting in the quest queue in its place soon enough.

Oh well. It was a fun evening. :) If grouping was always this easy, I'd do it a lot more often!

-The Gneech

PS: It looks like Snowverkill may be less than predicted. We can only hope.
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