February 27th, 2010

Alex Spaz

Well, Hello Sleep! I've Missed You!

As much as I hate to blow my precious weekend moments sleeping, there are times when it just has to be done. The asthmatic crud that's been floating around in my chest since I got back from Further Confusion is getting worse instead of better (dammit), and hopefully getting some extra rest will help my body fix itself.

Tomorrow, laurie_robey and I are headed down to Richmond for the afternoon to check out the Virginia ComicCon, mainly as a "market research" trip for me but also as an excuse to get out in the sticks and see how the iPhone handles in, say, Waller's Corner, which is basically a wide spot in the road along Route 1 between Richmond and Fredericksburg. This will be its trial by fire.

The weather forecast for tomorrow is sunny and 46° ... should be a nice day for it!

Finally, for sirfox, I present this image... Collapse )

...I think there's a lesson there for all of us.

-The Gneech