April 9th, 2010


I Am Having Many Love For Your Website

I'm not sure why, but gneech.com is getting pelted by spam posts -- like, way more than Suburban Jungle or NeverNever. The general model is a URL in the "website" field, which is kosher enough, and a "comment" along the lines of "These tips are so true!" -- on a fiction piece. Or a more generic comment like "Your have many useful info in your blog."

I don't know what to make of this. Certainly, anybody who puts a presence on the web needs to be prepared for the Attack of the Spammers ... but why is gneech.com, a relative newbie of site, getting so many more than SJ or NN? Is it somehow a more "high profile" site, just because it's not already hanging out in the webcomics ghetto? I haven't set up any "link trading" arrangements nor run any ads for it, just set up WordPress and started posting.

Maybe because I use it as the link in my e-mail sigs or comments on other blogs?

I'd like to think the increased attention it's getting from spammers suggests it's getting attention from other sources too ... but so far the spam comments outnumber reader comments by about 5/1. Alas!

-The Gneech
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New Section (Risk a Verse)

I’ve created a new “Risk a Verse” section for the website, for those masochistic souls who’d like to read my various poems, filks, and such strangeness. A poem about jackalopes? It’s in there. Filk about D&D? It’s in there. Sword and sorcery microfiction in rhyming couplets? It’s in there! As of this morning it’s all reposts, but some are pretty old and thus probably new to most of my readers.

Enjoy. :)

-The Gneech

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Dear Whoever-the-Idiot-Was

Dear Whoever-the-Idiot-Was Who Put "The Secret of Monkey Special Edition" on Steam Instead of Releasing It as a Stand-Alone Game I Can Play Whenever I Want and Don't Need Their Damn Website:

I hate you.

John "The Gneech" Robey
Conan Civilization Sucks

My Heart Just Ain't In It

We're theoretically getting together for gaming tomorrow night, but before I can run the next Pathfinder session, I need to finish prepping those Drow-filled dwarven halls the characters have been tasked with liberating. Unfortunately, my heart's just not in it tonight. I thought about pulling out a little surprise Call of Cthulhu to spring on the players instead, until I came to the conclusion that my heart wasn't in that either.

Not sure what, if anything, my heart would be in. I've been working on writing and/or my website all week, so my brain is kinda used up and needs to consume rather than produce. So I could probably play, but unless I feel considerably more perky and creative tomorrow, I won't be in any shape to run.