May 10th, 2010

Go Speed Racer Go

Writer's Block: Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Do you give your vehicles names? If so, what are they?

Our current car is "New Bruce," named after my previous car, an Outback named "Bruce." Previous cars in my life have included "The Platinum Pearl," "The Invisible-Colored Aries," "Tan Van," and "Blue Van." My wife has owned "Chester" and "Oscar."

I also name my computers. The current one is "Mach 5." The previous one was "Gort," and the one before that was "Tiffany."

I also occasionally name my homes. The current one is "The Hobbit Hole." The one where I grew up was "Ogdenland" (although my brother named that one).

-The Gneech

The Choppy Waters of Self E-Pubbing

Since I know everybody’s burning with as much curiosity about the sales of the Brigid and Greg collections as I am, I thought I’d share a snapshot with you. In the roughly three weeks since I published the collected Fictionlets in e-book form, I’ve sold a grand total of five copies of each, all on the Kindle. However, there have been 17 downloads of free samples at Smashwords, presumably mostly through Stanza. The books have also been sent to Barnes and Noble and to Apple for iBooks as of last week, but neither of them appear to be listing them yet.

What does all that mean? No idea. Considering how little press the books have (i.e., posts in my own blog and that’s about it), I’m not terribly surprised that they aren’t flying off the digital shelves. On the other hand, I’ve heard about people selling 100+ copies a day of e-books, and I’d like to get me some of that action. ;) So go forth, my minions! Plug my books! }:D And while I’m at it, if anybody has suggestions on super-cheap promotions, I’d love to hear them. :)

-The Gneech

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Update on Camstone

For those concerned for our foxy friend camstone, kamau_d_lyon has posted an update:

There it good and bad news to report. They did find a major blockage in one of the heart arteries but were able to put a stint in place and reopen it. Everything looks good at this point and test so far show no damage to the heart. There are still some issues that are being dealt with and he may still be spending a few days in the hospital. I'll let mooivos give more detail (or post them for her) when she has a chance. Thoughts and prayer for him are still needed but over all it looks like a positive outcome is in sight.

-The Gneech