May 18th, 2010



“Eine Kleine Nachtmusik,” said Greg, adjusting his headphones.

“Do what with the where now?” said Brigid, from the couch.

“Eine Kleine Nachtmusik,” Greg repeated.

“Oh yes?” said Brigid.

“Ei-NUH, Klei-NUH, Nachhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhht-moo-ZEEK!” Greg said, then wiped off his monitor.

“What about Eine Kleine Nachtmusik?” Brigid said with a weary sigh.

“It’s awesome,” said Greg.

Brigid blinked. “All that fuss, just to tell me that Eine Kleine Nachtmusik is ‘awesome.’”

“Well it is!” said Greg.

“Wow,” said Brigid. “You do have a way with words. Look out Shakespeare, there’s a new sheriff in town.”

“Le Nooooozze de Fiiiiiigaro!” Greg chanted, waving his fingers in the air like a conductor’s baton.

“I suppose you think that’s dope and phat,” Brigid said.

-The Gneech

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