June 2nd, 2010



“Oh sure,” said Brigid. “You talk a good game, with your Herbert Lom and your Vic Tayback, but I bet you don’t know a thing about Anson Williams.”

“I beg your pardon?” said Greg, a little baffled at her announcement as they’d been riding along in silence for the past twenty minutes.

“Anson William Heimlick,” said Brigid, “more commonly known as Anson Williams. I suppose a mere layman such as yourself would only know him for winning the hearts of the nation as Potsie on ‘Happy Days.’ But what about his directorial prowess? Surely as the director of what is considered by many the best anti-drug after school special ever made, he has earned his place in celebrity valhalla!”

“You should have watched it,” said Greg, navigating a turn.

“Did you know that he is the second cousin of the man who invented the Heimlich Maneuver?”

“No, I must admit, I wasn’t privy to that.”

“But don’t let his lovable, clean-cut image fool you. Anson Williams is nothing short of a mad dog. Why, he’s so mean that he once shot Scott Baio just for snoring too loud.”

“Ah,” said Greg. “Been consulting LiarPedia again, I take it.”

-The Gneech

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The Official Woid On Da Street, See?

Although I did already let the cat out of the bag, the official announcement went out today regarding my Guest of Honor status at the next Confuzzled.

To wit:

Psst, you… yes you, listen up, we’re only gonna say it once…

Our mad foray into the world of science is over and we are already hard at work preparing for next year, with an offer we’re sure you cannot refuse…

Before we let you know what we’ve planned for 2011, we’re proud to announce that we have finished counting the money which you all have generously raised for charity. Our grand total (including all sales of charity items in the Dealers Den) came to an overwhelming £6200!

=== Our Theme ===

The Roaring Twenties – look sharp in your pinstripe suit, don your fedora and we’ll meet down at the Speakeasy to explore all the finest the 1920s criminal underworld has to offer.

=== Our Guest of Honor ===

We’ve invited our esteemed friend from Northern Virginia over for this year’s shindig: John “The Gneech” Robey. Don’t be fooled by his daytime job as web designer… during the night he’s one of us, and his weapon of choice is a pencil. He’s the creator of furry propaganda like NeverNever and The Suburban Jungle. He’s also done quite a few “jobs” for Mage: The Ascension, Street Fighter: The Storytelling Game and World of Indiana Jones. Did that catch your interest? If so, head over to http://www.gneech.com to find out more about his career in the comic underworld.

=== When’s it going down? ===

We’ve made preliminary reservations with the Britannia Country House Hotel and we’ll be ready to host you all again on the 6th to the 9th of May 2011, so long as the Don doesn’t change his mind. Be aware that this date may change, so please keep your ear to the tracks for updates.

Start extorting those pennies, keep your violin case nearby and keep a watch on all the usual outlets for further announcements from The Family. Expect communiqués about prices and when you’ll be able to register soon.

Squeal anything about this to the Feds, and you’ll be sleeping with the fishes, capiche?

So, now we have dates! Unless and until they change, anyhow. More bulletins as events warrant.

-The Gneech

PS: Image shamelessly stolen from Max DeGroot, but your guess is good as mine as to where he found it. ;)

Originally published at gneech.com. You can comment here or there.