June 8th, 2010

Six Million Dollar Man

It's Resuscitating, Jim

New graphics card bought and installed; Vista upgraded to Windows 7 (again) and now restoring from December. Once that's done, I'll restore whatever else I can from Carbonite and see where things stand.

Things are somewhat better at work; the problem I've been banging my head against for two weeks isn't exactly resolved, but we're taking a new approach that should hopefully at least clear up the logjam and we can go back and come up with better options later.

Weird thing is, the parts of this project that I have control over, I'm actually quite proud of. For various reasons, this is the first time we've built a site using the more modern iterations of ColdFusion, so I'm finally getting to play with the "object-oriented ColdFusion" model. So I'm doing all sorts of neat things with passing structures to functions as parameters and getting back new versions, etc. — it's a much cleaner, more secure way to code, and much more in keeping with the principles of keeping logic separate from presentation.

It's just the whole "sending complex objects to web services" thing that is killing me — and apparently, I'm not the only one. CF doesn't like objects being inside other objects, and no amount of banging away at it is going to change that.

-The Gneech
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New Buttons!

I realize it’s been kinda quiet at gneech.com for the past couple of weeks — life and work (mostly work) have conspired to keep me silent. But that’s finally lightening up a bit, and my latest batch of buttons just arrived from UPS today, so it’s time to break silence!

Over the years I’ve designed a lot of buttons to sell at conventions. Most of these have been specifically designed as merchandise for Suburban Jungle or NeverNever, but in keeping with the general broadening of my focus these days, I’ve decided to go with some more universal appeal. The new batch of buttons have some roleplaying motifs (I particularly like the “Button of Charisma +2″), some computer nerdery (“iGeek”), and a handful of designs that are just … interesting, such as the one pictured here.

This was a pretty small run, only ten of each, and they’ll be making their debut at AnthroCon. Whatever’s left after AC, if any are, will hopefully go up on Merchandise Maven shortly thereafter.

-The Gneech

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