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June 26th, 2010


Late-night posting from my room at AC via the iPad. Been a fun, nicely laid-back con so far, and except for dinner at “Big Mama’s” (that was a mistake), everything has been very pleasant and enjoyable. I was expecting a fairly depressed (economy-wise) con, but today business was brisk and I got a nice number of sketchbooks. No badges, which surprised me … FC it was all badges, all the time.

The iPad has served admirably for my on-the-road computing needs; I used it in the dealer room to look up art reference, handed it around to a few other artists for the same, and now of course I’m using it to write a mini con-report.

I’ve also had lots of people going, “Ooooh, is that an iPad? Can I play with it?” … which has the added benefit of brining people to the table.

-The Gneech

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Hello from the Zoo!

Hangin’ out in the AnthroCon zoo … the masquerade is going on over in the Convention Center, so it’s still fairly quiet here. FrostDemn, Exatron, and PunkTiger are all here (although Frosty is packing up), and we’re all just shootin’ the breeze. Did a little sketching, which I’ll post later, and I’m kinda hoping some other artists I know will show up and we can do some art-jamming.

Slow day, I hope it will pick up some tomorrow. But even if it doesn’t, I’ve had fun, so I win! ;)

-The Gneech

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