July 20th, 2010

Kero Power Tie

Apparently, I'm Healthy?

I haven't posted much about this 'cause it was all still quite vague. But I mentioned a while back that Mrs. Gneech and I had joined a local health club; part of the startup package there is an initial session with a personal trainer to get you started.

Except, when I went, they took my blood pressure and said, "Whoa, dude, too high! We can't work with you unless you get cleared by a doctor."

This rather baffled me, as I'd just had my annual physical in March and was specifically told then that my blood pressure was fine. So I made a new appointment with the doc and spent the past ten days or so taking BP readings, which have indeed been uniformly in the "pre-hypertension" stage.

So, this morning, I went in to the doc and said, "WTF blood pressure?" The doc put me on a machine, took a reading, and it was fine. And just to be sure, he went oldschool and took it a second time via the "stethoscope and hand-pumped collar" method ... and it was still fine. He also said that the bloodwork from my physical indicated that everything was ticketyboo except for having slightly low HDL cholesterol and recommending that I exercise and eat more fish. He suggested 81mg of Aspirin a day and that next time I come in I bring along my blood pressure meter to calibrate it.


Okay then! So with note in hand and a clean bill of health, it's back to the health club for me. Nice to know that I'm not about to explode or anything, in any case.

But enough about such weighty matters! Have something weirdly cool.

-The Gneech

PS: This one is good too.


Yanks Don't Say Crowd ... Maybe "I.T. Gang"?

Snagged from kevinjdog, the first 10 minutes of the would-be American version of I.T. Crowd:

It's almost a shot-by-shot remake of the U.K. pilot, and enjoyable enough, but bland by comparison. Jen is "cookie-cutter pretty face" with no personality, Denham ("Denholm" in the U.K. version) is smooth but dull instead of stark and mad, Roy is clean-cut and a generic white boy whose main hint of geekery is a "RTFM" t-shirt. Net result: it was basically like watching "Big Bang Theory" plus Moss ... and as an episode of "Big Bang Theory" = "30 minutes of your life wasted," I'm just as happy this didn't come to pass. I much, much prefer that Richard Ayoade remains available for the U.K. version of the show, even if it does mean an average of two episodes a year.

-The Gneech