July 24th, 2010

Doctor Titles

The Plot, She Is Twisty

Just saw the Doctor Who season finale ... I think I may have hurt my neck following all those plot twists. And the whole time, I kept wondering, "What's with the 'silence will fall' bit? Who's mucking around with the TARDIS?" When the answer turned out to be (SPOILER): "They have no idea, tune in next season to find out!" I was actually very pleasantly surprised. I fully expected a "That's the end, see you next year with new companions and a new storyline..." ending, rather than for it to keep on going, so good on ya, Mr. Moffat.

Now, here's my wish list for the future:

1.) More multi-part cliffhangers! Nothing says Doctor Who like monsters creeping in, no possible escape, and that electric PKEEEEWWWWW!!! stinger.

2.) Just a touch less soppiness please. :) It's better than the RTD era, but could be better still. ;)

3.) Don't let Matt Smith leave the show for at least five years. He's brilliant. The perfect not-what-I-was-expecting-but-better Doctor.

4.) Bring back the Brig. Please, while you can! Nick Courtney's not exactly a spring chicken. I've heard he was in an episode of Sarah Jane, but those aren't playing over here!

Alas ... now what am I going to miss on Saturday nights until the new season gets here?

-The Gneech

PS: On a related topic, have all of the regenerations...

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