August 24th, 2010

Taishi Conquest


So I did me some anthro-fox studies yesterday:

Fox studies

My favorite is the little guy wearing a lariat in the bottom center; Sue gets points for the fact that he is essentially a drawing of an actual fox (from photo), that I then "morphed-up" by adding eyebrows, a slightly more expressive mouth, etc.

The two guys in the middle of the page with heavier lines look closer to my usual style, but that's not really something I care about. I'm not trying to come up with a character to fit into SJ here, just a well-drawn fox.

When I get the chance, I'm going to do another page based on Lariat Boy, to see if I can do different expressions, a 3D rotation, and all that jazz.

Whattya think?

-The Gneech
Taishi Conquest

MOAR Fox Studies!

Had to spent some time dad-sitting at the rehab place this evening; since he was sawing logs the whole time, I used it as a chance to do some more anthro-fox studies, including another appearance by Lariat Boy and a cameo by Disney's Robin Hood, wondering what happened to his hat.

Fox Studies 2: Electric Boogaloo

Some of these guys are a little too feline, but I do feel like I'm beginning to get a handle on the whole "vulpine" thing. For those who are wondering, yes I am moving in the direction of a specific character, but I want to get the "fox" part right first, before I start tacking the character bits on, even if I do keep drawing foxes with suspiciously-period collars.

The eventual design will probably be a fusion of Lariat Boy with Count Foxula there, although the ponytail option is still strong in the running.

-The Gneech