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August 27th, 2010

Nerdy Fun

Via Yog-Sothoth.com's Twitter Feed: Greyhawk-style hex map of Europe, c. 1200 AD.

"You encounter *roll* 2d6 peasants. Next hex ... you encounter *roll* 1d8 peasants and a bear. Kind of a dull adventure."

-The Gneech


Dear Internet:

I love TED Talks on YouTube. Thank you for existing!

(See also Why People Believe Strange Things.)

-The Gneech

Supervillainy Goes 'Boink'?

Snagged from mistahbojangles: Joker and Lex ... for fans of either DC Comics, Calvin and Hobbes, or both!

-The Gneech

Hokay, So...

The weekend before Dragon*Con, and I got a ton o' stuff to do! I don't know if I'll be able to get it all done, but here's the list so I can at least keep myself organized:

Gotta Do

  • Get a revised version of that NeverNever draft to Sue

  • Check on status of Dad

  • Arrange cat-sitter for Buddha; decide on boarding for Dasher

  • More character development sketches for [newcomic]

  • Biz call with MLD

  • Groom the cats

Nice To Have

  • Sketch up some cover concepts for Attack of the War-Cats

  • Write the bonus story for Attack of the War-Cats

  • Finish converting strips for Childproof the Unicorns

  • Choose a title for [newcomic] and register URL(s)

  • Come up with some plot hooks for [newcomic]

Well! That oughta keep me busy. 0.o Fortunately, the Gottas are fairly easy and straightforward, and any of the Nices are gravy. The trick is to give myself enough leeway that I don't burn out, without giving myself so much that I end up goofing off.

-The Gneech

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