September 9th, 2010

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Tony Curtis, Jack Lemmon ... and a Lot of Dorkiness.

I did a bit of binge comics work tonight, largely to dissipate stress connected to my dad's rehab stay and related stuff. Unfortunately, it didn't start until around 9:00 p.m., which means that it's now midnight and I'm just heading to bed. On the other hand, I'm now about 4/5 of the way to completing the strip conversion for Childproof the Unicorns.

In order to further shut off my brain while I worked, I watched The Great Race, which comes off more than anything like a prequel to Chitty Chitty Bang-Bang. You've never seen scenery chewed until you've seen Jack Lemmon prancing around as "Crown Prince Frederick Hoepnick" when the movie suddenly and inexplicably turns into Prisoner of Zenda halfway through.

I particularly dig the tandem-bicycle zeppelin-built-for-two. :)

Anyway! It's after midnight, and I need some sleep. G'nite, world, and have an awesome tomorrow. :)

-The Gneech
Taishi Conquest

If Ya Can’t Find ‘em, Grind ‘em!

Everyone who works for a living when they should be doing something else has this problem, but some days it’s worse than others: everything takes too dang long!

I’ve been working on my new comic idea for just under three weeks already, and really in an ideal world I’d at least have a ready-to-show-the-world website by now. I’ve got the major character designs pretty much worked out, I’ve got three pages of plot hooks and a lot of background notes … I want to show the world! If I could have three weeks to do nothing but draw, I’d have the first issue done by now. But since I’m spending 8-10 hours per day being unproductive*, I’m grinding along at what feels like a snail’s pace. While sitting in my cubicle poking away on ColdFusion projects, I can’t actually create anything, all I can do is think about it.

For that matter, if I could have three weeks to do nothing but put books together, Childproof the Unicorns, Attack of the War-Cats, and No Predation Allowed would all be at the printer or even — gasp! — up for sale and possibly even making me some money by now.

Unfortunately, I live in an area of the country where living comfortably on a single income is not really feasible, and I know from bitter experience that living un-comfortably kills my productivity just as fast as working does. The obvious answer to this is “move somewhere else,” and that’s on the agenda, but I have obligations here that must be attended to before I can seriously work towards that. I’ll miss the area when I go, but really it’s not the area as it is now: it’s the area as it was when I was a kid that I’ll miss, and that’s been gone for years anyway so I miss it already.

Ah well! Just gotta keep plugging away at it, I suppose.

-The Gneech

*By which I mean, being productive at my day job instead of being productive on my real work.

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Kero asleep

Ramping Up

Just got back from my parents' house, where Laurie and I helped my brother assemble a wheelchair-access ramp up to the door for my dad, who's due to be home tomorrow. My mom had asked my brother to do it, then called me up at around 4:15 asking me to "help him come unload it from the van" when we got off of work. (I was actually fully expecting her to do this; whenever she says something will be quick and easy, be prepared to lose at least an evening, if not a weekend.)

Well, when Laurie and I got there, the van was already unloaded and Mom was back off to the rehab place, leaving my brother alone in the yard with big metal platforms, rods, and a bazillion nuts and bolts. After a few abortive moments of trying to help in our work clothes, Laurie and I said, "we'll be back," went home and changed into more serviceable clothes, and picked up a box o' chicken to feed the three of us.

Basically, Laurie attacked the giant tangle of plants obscuring the sidewalk while my brother and I assembled pieces and tweaked and adjusted all the bits until they were all in place with as gentle a slope as we could arrange. Unfortunately, by then it was 9:00 and dark, so we couldn't do the "final touch" bits for lack of light. But the ramp is built, is sturdy, and is usable, and supposedly my dad will be home tomorrow. So here's hoping all will be well. :)

-The Gneech
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