October 1st, 2010


For All You People Who Hate Twitter...

Cre8d Design: The Lifespan and Depth of Tweets vs Blog Posts
…blogs may have been twee or self-absorbed or clumsily written or emo or just plain boring – isn’t that the joy of a diary? – but they at least required the writer to take the time to process the events of their life, and the attendant emotions they generated – before putting finger to keyboard. The result, in many cases, was a detailed archive of events and memories that they can look back on now and say “that was how I was then”.

The thing of it is, people who think of Twitter as "microblogging" have got the wrong end of the stick. Twitter isn't "blogging" at all. Twitter is "macrochatting." Twitter is IMing with the universe, and to really get into it (and get something out of it), you have to treat it as such.

As such, I love Twitter, but I would never mistake it for any kind of deep connection. At best it's a bulletin board.

-The Gneech