October 13th, 2010

Kero Magic Whupass

A Birthday Present From the Universe!

You may recall a while back I had a rather sad day because I was unable to help a kitten who'd ended up out in traffic.

In the intervening time since then, the little guy's siblings have been found, living in a small patch of woods not far from my house. One of them was caught and taken to a vet for shelter; the attempts to collect the rest of the strays continue.

However, today's piece of terrific news is that the caught one, "Oliver," has been adopted! He'll be going home with his new family in about a week. *happydance*

Thanks, universe! ^.^

-The Gneech
Shiver Me Timbers

Trim the Sails and Roam the Sea! [artwork]

Monkey Island Studies, by The Gneech

Fan art! Studies from "The Secret of Monkey Island, Special Edition," of the SCUMM BAR and some of its inhabitants. Practice in a different style from my usual, of subject material that just may come up in the new comic from time to time (by which I mean pirates, ships, and rickety towns, not characters that are the property of LucasArts)...


-The Gneech
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