October 28th, 2010



Greg stared hard at his cheese-on-a-cracker, wishing that Brigid had come to the party this time. Treville, undeterred, said, “Okay, Mister Intellectual, I’ve got one that even you will like.”

“Oh yes?” said Greg.

“What did Diogenes do when he met a man who admitted to having a three-inch wiener?”

Greg rolled his eyes. “He put out his lamp and went home.”

Treville looked disappointed. “Already heard that one, huh?”

“No,” said Greg. “It was just painfully obvious. It takes more than an obscure reference to make a joke intellectual, you know.”

“Feh,” said Treville. “You’re just an elitist.”

“Not at all!” said Greg. “I’m an anti-vulgarist. It’s an important distinction.”

-The Gneech

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Conan Civilization Sucks

Bite Me, Deconstructionists

Wanna tear apart a genre or even just a franchise? Want to expose a paternalistic and imperialist undercurrent to the superhero genre? Want to blast Star Wars for being a thinly-veiled divine-right monarchy? Want to deride Tolkien for being twee and reactionary? Want to stick it to the steampunkers for not wringing their hands enough about whatever injustice of the period comes between the axe and your particular grindstone?

Consider the possibility that you might be an insufferably self-important tosspot and HAVE A NICE HOT CUP OF STFU INSTEAD.

-The Gneech
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