December 2nd, 2010


C# Training, Day Three

The more I learn, the more I come to the conclusion that while I like Object-Oriented Programming, I loathe the syntax of C-derived languages. Blech!

Meanwhile, at Chipotle: I'd like a burrito the size of my head, with enough salt and cilantro to make my tongue fall out, please. Ah, perfect, thanks!

-The Gneech
Bilbo Gandalf Ring

[15] meme

...snagged from paradisacorbasi

Don't take too long to think about it - list 15 fictional characters who've influenced you and who will always stick with you. (Emphasis: influenced.) List the first 15 you can recall in no more than 15 minutes. Tag your friends so people can see who you've chosen and play along...

The Big Three (Captain Kirk, Mr. Spock, Scotty ... sorry Doctor McCoy!)

Bugs Bunny

Conan of Cimmeria

Bilbo Baggins

Gandalf the Grey

The Doctor

Charlie Brown

Toad of Toad Hall

Robin Hood (mostly in the form of Errol Flynn)

Lon Chaney's "The Wolf Man"

Luke Skywalker

Indiana Jones

...unfortunately, time ran out. But even if it hadn't, there aren't that many more I can think of who've had a lasting influence and "will stay with me." Lots of short-term enthusiasms, tho...

-The Gneech
MST Geeks

Of Course I'm Making Gaming Utilities, Why Wouldn't I?

As mentioned, I'm taking a C# training course as right now at work ASP.NET is waxing and CF is waning [1]. Unfortunately, it may be months, weeks, or even years before I actually use it at work, at which point they'll surely expect me to be able to recall it instantly with absolutely clarity.

In order to give myself a project in the meantime, to hopefully glue the knowledge into my brain before it's all lost, I'm attempting to build myself some RPG utilities. 'cos really, what else could I possibly have any real use for that somebody else hasn't already done a better job of?

My two project ideas are an Encounter XP Budget Calculator like this old monster except for Pathfinder, and a "Quickie Monster Generator," in which you indicate the type of monster you want (undead, construct, humanoid) and the target CR, and it returns to you a shell with ability scores, hit dice, some generic attacks (e.g., "Melee +8/+2 2d6"), and suggested CR-appropriate powers ("Consider giving this creature DR of 5-10 and an attack which does 1d3 damage to an ability score {save DC 15}") which you can then slap a skin on or use as the skeleton of a more complete monster.

However ... without having the class examples to work from, I'm getting nowhere fast. So far I've managed to build a form but not put anything on it except a button, and define a bunch of empty classes (Hero, Party, EncounterElement, and Encounter). Ah well, now it's bedtime.

But hey, it's a start. The books come home tomorrow, maybe I can make some progress on the weekend.

-The Gneech

[1] This annoys me greatly. I much prefer CF. I don't expect us to go to an all-.NET shop, but if we do, I would have to dust off the resumé and I'd really rather not.