December 12th, 2010

Kero Power Tie

Weekend Get!

We'll see how long it lasts, but for the moment at least I feel much better. First off, we left work a little early on Friday, which always helps. I spent the evening painting miniatures and watching The Fantastic Mr. Fox, which had actually been given to me for my birthday and sat on the shelf for three months because I never watch TV any more.

Let's start with the minis, shall we?

Miniatures, group shot
Deven Thornoak and Arcangalad Narthalion take on Cap'n Barbossa and his giant bat, aided by an un-named but plucky halfling ranger!

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The Rest of the Weekend

Fantastic Mr. Fox was a fun little quirk of a movie. I particularly liked the use of "cuss."

Saturday was spent putting up the Christmas tree and doing a little cleanup around the house, followed by Pathfinder in the evening. The group attempted to get into a wizard's tower by luring away the giants guarding it, and were very close to pulling off their gambit until the dice gods frowned upon a concentration check, causing laurie_robey's dimension door to fizzle. That left the characters at ground zero for the giants' charge, so they ended up just killing the giants instead. But I gotta give 'em credit, it was a good try. Enlisting the help of the local guardsmen (of whom hantamouse's character is an officer, after all) was something I honestly hadn't thought of, but it made perfect sense so I let 'em run with it. (In retrospect, I believe the Lions of Brindol are supposed to be 5th level, not 3rd level, which would have helped a bit, but not that much. I'll have to go back to Red Hand of Doom and convert a statblock in case it comes up again.)

Once inside the tower, they took out one of the six hags leading the invasion of Brindol in a fight which had them worried but actually wasn't that difficult; they also discovered there is another interested party known only as "A" who seems to think of the giants merely as pawns in his or her own schemes. At the end of the session, the heroes had passed through a magic mirror into "the shadow realm" where the wizard they came to rescue is imprisoned, and we ended the session there.


Today will be spent finishing off Christmas shopping and card-getting, getting the stupid heater in the car FIXED or else, and just generally dealing with all the piddly stuff that's been stacking up over the past several weeks. Hopefully we can start the week with a clean (or mostly-clean) slate, enabling us to start making forward progress again!

-The Gneech