January 3rd, 2011


One of My Resolutions: Be Nicer to FurAffinity

I don't know if their filtering and/or enforcement has gotten better, or they've reached a critical mass of users, or what, but I've found in the past month or two, using the "don't show NSFW art" setting on FurAffinity has really been a feasible way to go. It used to be that the setting would still show NSFW (or close to it) ads, which kind of negated the whole point.

An interesting thing is that with the NSFW art turned off, you also get much less refrigerator art. I have a variety of theories about why this might be the case, but it goes along with my general observation about "fandom" art (whether furry, sf/fantasy, anime, or what-have-you): that "adult" art, at least in fandom, just plain tends to be weaker art. It's not universally true — I have seen some beautiful pieces of art that were only just barely safe for home. But the general trend is for artists to use the shock/titillation/sheer WTFery of an "adult piece" to sell it, allowing themselves to be lazy on the actual execution of the piece, which is one of the reasons I don't do it.

When a piece doesn't have that crutch to hold it up, on the other hand, the artist has to put more effort into making it stand on its own merits — which, if you do it enough, will make you a better artist, giving you the confidence to do more accomplished pieces. Win/win!

Anyway, as I've commented before, FurAffinity is where the eyeballs are; as fond as I am of ArtSpots, and as "big" as DeviantArt is, I've received more comments and feedback on the pieces I posted to FA over the past week, than from the other two sites combined for the past year. I've also been finding some new artists to watch, which is always a happy occasion. I am one of those creative types who feeds on the energy of being around other creative types and feeling like I'm in a vibrant community, where I can be inspired and hopefully inspire others in turn. And with FA providing that, the least I can do is be more supportive of the place. :)

It still has its issues, of course ... and I'm not going to abandon my other galleries by any means. But I am at least going to be more positive about FA.

-The Gneech
Leonard machismo

Workout Report 1/3/2011

Well, it's been six days since I hit the gym, but I've been doing other (less quantifiable) workouts in the meantime, particularly Dance Central, some long walks, that kinda thing. But today I was all about the weights, so in we went!

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Weight: 314 lbs

Haven't quite worked out the ins and outs of the routine, but sneaking weights up is always good. :) Followed up with a dinner of fajitas (minus sour cream and guacamole, as I don't care for 'em and they don't add anything but fat anyway).

Now, to finish getting that portfolio ready for FC! :) Life's good.

-The Gneech