January 25th, 2011


Attention, Furries! Get Ye to InterventionCon!

From a Twitter conversation: (@the_gneech is your ever-lovin’, blue-eyed blogger, @RebelsHeart is also known as Tango in the fandom, and @onezumi is the founder of InterventionCon…)

@onezumi: @RebelsHeart lot of my friends are furs-would be nice to get more @interventioncon I did flyer a lil last yr

@the_gneech: @onezumi Hey, if you want more furries at @interventioncon, I can help with that! But I’ll warn you, we tend to take over. 0=)

@the_gneech: @onezumi Start by making Bill Holbrook (who was on panels and in the dealer room last year) a GOH. ;)

@onezumi: @the_gneech he was a guest last year, I believe he has been asked about returning

@Rebelsheart: @the_gneech @onezumi @interventioncon we can both help with this, but the takeover comment is not a joke. Ask DuckCon

@Rebelsheart: @onezumi @interventioncon I’m on 4 regional mailing lists, a number of regional LJ groups, and I know there are groups on @furaffinity

@onezumi: @RebelsHeart @the_gneech we don’t mind :) if ppl bring their fandom we will facilitate awesome

@the_gneech: @RebelsHeart @onezumi On the other hand, we are loveable and awesome people! ^.^

@onezumi: @the_gneech @RebelsHeart very true-I’ve attended AC 4x now :)

@the_gneech: @onezumi @rebelsheart Okay, we’ll get on it, then!

@onezumi: @the_gneech @rebelsheart I would love to make furry art, but I haven’t had the chance. I’ve illustrated friends’ fursonas

@onezumi: @the_gneech @rebelsheart hilariously haven’t illustrated me LOL

@onezumi: @the_gneech @rebelsheart last yr I think many furs were reluctant to go bc it wasn’t only for furs? It’s like a chicken and egg thing

@onezumi: @the_gneech @rebelsheart need furs to make programming but first need furs to go lol

So, consider this the opening gambit. Furries: Get yourself to InterventionCon! It’s September 16-18 in Rockville, Maryland and is a very cool little con that packs a mighty punch. I’ve been to every one!

Well, okay, last year was the first one. but I went to it! And it was very cool!

So go register already!

-The Gneech

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Legolas silhouette

Elf Break!

Drawing my brains out has left me a bit pooped, so tonight after work I punted on art and logged into LotRO for a while to play my mid-level (but growing) elf warden, Faradawn. He'd hit the "Lone Lands/North Downs/everything is a boring grind" blues a while back, but with a combination of skirmishes, tasks, and just plain going where I was interested regardless of how over-level it was, I got him up to 35-36, and so now he's in Evendim, which is a zone I generally enjoy even if it does involve swimming back and forth over that friggin' lake a few times too many. ;)

Supposedly the Isengard expansion this fall will inch the level cap up again by another five levels; I'm not keen on this myself, but I guess it's inevitable. I don't know if Faradawn will be at level cap by that point, but Maedhroc and Galadhalion are ready to go. Galad still has to do the Enedwaith zone at some point, but I'm in no hurry for that. It was a fun (if smallish) zone that suited Maedhroc's story well, but it's kind of irrelevant for Galad.

Of course, I'd still rather we went north (to Lonely Mountain and Gundabad) instead of south, but it IS "Lord of the Rings Online," not "Middle-Earth Generally Online," so I expect it will be some time — if ever — before that comes to pass.

-The Gneech
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