May 2nd, 2011


Ghostbusters: They're Dying to Get In

Saturday night's session started with the player characters receiving a shipment of new gear from Ghostbusters International, including a pair of updated proton packs with integrated slime blowers, some integrated PKE meter/ecto-goggles, and a peculiar thing called The Enigmatic Contrapulator Device, of which the documentation read, "Actually, we're not sure what it does, either. If you figure it out, let us know." Ivan (the resident mad scientist) quickly snagged that one.

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The heroes digested this bit of unwelcome news, but took no further immediate action on it (even though the bust of Hieronomous Vorgo whispered to Ivan that it liked him and would kill him last). Instead they went back out to the Great Falls Memorial Gardens (remember that place?) to see what the readings were like during the day. They were rewarded with the discovery that there was definitely a PKE signature similar to the artifacts from Shamblan's shop coming from inside Vanity Duchesne's grave.

We ended the session there, with the Ghostbusters trying to figure out just what to do next. Unfortunately, we won't know what happens next until part of the gaming group comes back from vacation in June ... d'oh!!!

-The Gneech