May 16th, 2011

Taishi Conquest

So, About Conventions 'n' Stuff... (Long Post!)

For those of you who only read LiveJournal on weekdays, I posted a poll the other day about whether or not I should go to FC 2012. This question is part of a larger evaluation of my role in the comics and/or furry community, as well as its role in my own creative career, which has been going on quietly in the background since around the time I brought Suburban Jungle to a close.

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The universe is, after all, in a constant state of change, and you have to change with it or get left behind. The fandom of 2011 is not the same fandom of 2001 or even 2006, and there's no point in acting like it is. What would I do if I was coming at all of this as a newbie now? How would I go about building an audience from zero? And how would I choose whether or not to go to any particular con, or even decide if I really wanted to? These are all factors that are going into my decision. But lest you think that's a lot of thought to put into whether or not to go to one freakin' con, I just wanted to establish how much more there is going on than just that one question. It's a symptom, not a cause, so to speak.

-The Gneech