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May 23rd, 2011

Happy Birthday, Pac-Man!

NOTE: Yesterday was actually Pac-Man's birthday, but I missed the announcement. May 22, 1980. Surely a watershed moment!

-The Gneech

Monday Morning Report

Hello, LiveJournal! How are you? Fantastic.

This weekend was spent doing two things: walking, and working on No Predation Allowed. Walking was done at the Reston Town Center Art Show with laurie_robey and sirfox, as well as at various shopping or other errands; the art show was cool but there wasn't really anything that blew me away ... the errands were the usual "Why am I talking about this?" sorts of things so I won't bother talking about them.

On the No Predation Allowed front, I hit some major milestones this weekend, most notably that the initial layout is finished on Volume I and started on Volume II. I also submitted an application to start a Kickstarter Project to help defray the costs, but that still needs to go through the application process so I can't just point people at it and say "Hit me!" yet. By this time next week I expect to have most if not all of the initial layouts done and will be working on the hard part: cover and incidental art. O.o No LotRO for me this month! But it's a small price to pay to get the books done.

The other item of note was that on Saturday night jamesbarrett brought the corpse of his car over and left it at our house. That wasn't his intention, of course -- he intended to take it back home, but dead cars don't really travel well. Hopefully he'll get that resolved during the week sometime, as he kinda needs that thing to get to work.

Anyway, so that was the weekend. Now it's time to duck and cover, as another workday comes flying at me. Pesky things, who keeps letting them in here?

-The Gneech

If you’d like to get in early on the Suburban Jungle ten-year retrospective, No Predation Allowed, I have set up a Kickstarter project to cover the printing costs. Besides acting as a kind of “pre-order” for the book, depending on the funding option you choose you can also get a copy of the “Dreams of Summer” portfolio, NeverNever books, or a commission from your ever-lovin’ blue-eyed cartoonist!

If you can’t help with funding, that’s okay too, just help me spread the word about it! :) Thanks, everyone!

-The Gneech

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