June 15th, 2011


What To Do With Myself...?

The problem with finishing a big project I've been pushing on (like the SJ books), is that I spend a few days/weeks feeling unfocused and wondering what to do with myself.

I do have several things I could be working on, and it's within the realm of possibility to actually, y'know play LotRO or sit around watching television, just to be different. But the truth of the matter is, that just goes against my grain. I am acutely aware of the sand pouring out the hourglass of life, and any more time than necessary spent cooling my heels makes me feel like I'm throwing away a precious treasure.

Since AnthroCon is a week-and-a-day away, I'll probably spend most of my time this week doing stuff in preparation for that, including:

  • A new "price/samples" sign that includes examples of what badges and or conbook sketches will look like, to help showcase my work

  • Reference materials for my new con sketchbook ("Bustin' Makes Me Feel Good!")

  • Going through the markers/pencils and seeing what needs tossing or replacing

I'll have plenty on the menu when I get back from AC as well, including...

  • Sending books and other goodies out to the Kickstarter patrons

  • Write "My Sister the Superstar" for submission to Roar Vol. IV

  • Commissions, as they will start piling up once the Kickstarter project gets funded (which reminds me, I've got to poke the people who won commissions at Confuzzled so I can start those)

  • Banner ads for the podcast and SJ/NN books

  • Art for another Carpe Diem story

  • A handful of writing projects that need more development before I can really talk about 'em

...That should keep me going for a little while, anyway.

Also! Right now probabilities are swinging back in the direction of me going to FC2012 after all, which comes as something as a surprise to me. The real decider will be how AC goes, I think. (Of course, cons being what they are these days, it might be too late by then. We'll see. It's crazy that you have to have your cons planned out a year in advance any more!)

Of course, what I should do in the immediately short-term, is go back to work. Oops. Catcha later!

-The Gneech