July 26th, 2011

Rainbow Dash 20% Cooler

Confound These Ponies! They Drive Me to Post Videos

I can get to LiveJournal again! Naturally, that means I should post MLP vids.

Rarity: She's a Lady!

Happy Ponies! (Aqua and MLP, a natural pairing, right?)

I notice they keep showing Rainbow Dash when the singers say "happy boys." I don't think she'd appreciate the implication, dude. But the rest of the vid is cool.

And finally, a workout report! Because I finally managed to get back to the gym after last week's meltdown.

Collapse )
Weight: 330 lbs (okay, the English weights are back again ... WTF guys?)

A few days' break made everything seem a little too easy this time around -- next time, it's one set of each at +15 pounds again!

-The Gneech