July 27th, 2011

Rastan Kill Monsters

Hey, Fantasy Readers -- Looking for a Recommendation!

So let me describe the flavor of fantasy I'm looking for, maybe you can suggest a good story/author/series along those lines.

First off, it's broad fantasy. It's got elves, dragons, wizards, etc.; it's fairly light, but it's not strictly parody. Preferably, it should have a city of some variety. Skyships or other quasi-modern trappings are okay, as long as they are magical in nature and not technological. NOTE: Not looking for steampunk, here! So no "Victoria's Royal Sorcerer Corps" or anything of that sort. Think more like Dungeons and Dragons, except I don't actually want D&D tie-in works, I want stand-alone things.

Oh, and of course, it has to actually be in print, or at least available as an ePub.

Whatcha got for me, internet brain trust?

-The Gneech