August 12th, 2011



“I hate fanfic,” said Brigid.

“Oh?” said Greg. “All of it?”

“Yes! And you know what I hate more than fanfic?”

“Um … more fanfic?”



“I hate fanfic, and I hate slash! I hate ‘em both!”

Greg smiled. “That Twilight Sparkle/Rainbow Dash story really got to you, didn’t it?” he said.

“Shut up!” said Brigid. “It was a beautiful story!”

“…that you hated.”

“Yes. Shut up.”

“So much for the heart of a rattlesnake,” said Greg.

-The Gneech

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Lachwen Lightning Girl

Ding! 50 :)

Lachwen hit 50 and picked up her first legendary items tonight. Technically she also stepped into Moria, but that was just long enough to pick up one of the LIs. It's been a good week for her, getting large chunks of her class quests done, getting 2/3 of the way through Goblin-Town, and doing some of her first heavy-duty group content. Pretty soon she'll be ready for the big leagues -- in fact, my plan is to take her to the Monday instance night if it's feasible. (It all depends on what the run is.)

She also picked up a new outfit for running around in the warmer southern latitudes of Eregion and Enedwaith, although she's not entirely sold on it.

Lachwen in Eregion

She picked up the leggings in Angmar, and while they do the job, they have an unfortunate pattern from behind, proving that even immortal, lightning-tossing elves occasionally fret that their pants make their butts look too big. Unfortunately, until she can find something she likes better, she will have to make do and hope her cloak hides this defect.

-The Gneech